Adventures by Disney Homepage

About this Project

Adventures by Disney (ABD) provides premium family vacations to various destinations worldwide.

On this project, I redesigned the website from homepage to detail pages. With improved of content structer, visual engagement, and more digestible layout, ABD saw a significant increase in bookings and qualified prospects after the website launched.

Site load faster and enhance SEO.


Role :Primary Product Designer

Responsible: UI/UX Design/Prototyope

Software :Skecth, Principle


The old homepage doesn’t provide customers much to do. 80% of the page was covered by a hero image slider, and other contents like Find trip, Discover new vacations, Guest stories were hidden under the image as a text link.


By providing multiple entry points, guests can find their trip by using the top nav and search function on the top. Or for the customers that were just browsing, we have the offers & features section. We also added an interactive map on the page (which was hiding under the second level nav) for the customer who likes to see by region. The other goal for the team was to increase the number of guests to submit their stories. By displaying the customer's stories on the page attracted more customers to submit their stories.